SOLD ON STAGING (Testimonials)

Highly recommend StagingWorks! Not only do they provide staging, Karen highlights the existing strengths and potential of the property using her unique skills.

Jet Capinpin

Real Estate Investor

Karen is a delight to work with and has a keen eye with an excellent sense of style!! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to my clients! So if you are selling your home and want to sell it quickly for more money…contact Karen at Stageworkswinnipeg!!

Lynn Desrosiers

Realtor, Re/max

If you haven’t seen Staging Works, you better check it out now! I can guarantee you’ll be in awe! Karen is one of the best! I definitely recommend her! 5 star, that’s how amazing she is!

Gladz Martin

Real Estate Investor

My home was appraised twice – the first was for between $185,000 and 195,000. After I did the work Karen recommended, which included a paint job, changing out two faucets, a toilet, the outside lights, and having her stage it – I had it reappraised. This time, it came in at between $195,000 and $205,000.
The grand total for all the work was $2,330.
The first offer came in after 8 days, but fell through due to financing issues. It didn’t matter, though, there was another offer waiting in the wings. In the end, it sold for $209,500 in less than a month. I’m convinced this would never have happened without Karen’s help.
To say I’ve been ‘sold’ on staging is an understatement. I will never sell another house without consulting her first.

K. Barrett

Home Owner

Karen was great to work with. Very simple process with amazing results. Met her for the first time, 1 week later house was staged with no work for us at all, it was turn key ready. Very competitive price, would recommend to any real estate investor.

Ian Misa

Real Estate Investor

Knowledgeable with expert advice. Completed project on time with short notice. House looked great and sold. Thanks!

Eric Kunz

Real Estate Investor

Karen did an awesome job staging our home. She has great attention to detail and worked hard to make sure every little thing was perfect before we listed out home. We ended up getting more money than we anticipated in our sale and I think a lot of that can be attributed to her work!

Reid Thomas

Real Estate Investor

I got the chance to having staging works to stage my property for sell, Karen is professional in taking care of the details. She thinks from the prospective of the potential buyers, and made many invaluable suggestions. The whole process is very simple and she did a great job to make the interior looking amazing. Thank you!

Zenan Wang

Real Estate Investor

I hired Staging Works to get my place ready to sell. I’d been transferred out of province, but getting there was on me. I needed to squeeze every penny possible out of my condo. After 20 years of ‘collecting’ stuff, the list of recommendations I was handed was daunting. That is, until Karen prioritized them based on what potential buyers look for.
After it was staged, I couldn’t believe it was the same place. When all was said and done, my place sold for fifteen thousand dollars over the higher of two assessments. The entire staging job cost $1,900 – including paint and labor.
Let’s just say that when Karen asked if I’d write a testimonial on her behalf, I was more than happy to.

Mike H

Home Owner

5 stars! Amazing attention to detail! Want your house to sell quickly and look like it’s worth more? The Staging Works team has done that for me more than once and I will continue to rely on the expert eye of the owner, Karen Silverman. Thanksxx

Marvin Janzen

Real Estate Investor