Breaking into any industry is difficult, and home staging is no exception.

The dilemma: To mention you’re new in business and hurt the chances of securing the job, or to not mention it and hope your knowledge and professionalism can overcome the comparatively small number of photos, referrals, and social media contacts.

Making the dilemma harder in my particular case?

While I’m ‘new’ to the business of staging, I’m experienced in both – business AND staging. Self-employed as far back as i can remember, I’ve staged (and sold) properties long before HGTV gave it a name and turned it into a necessity.
It’s true, Staging Works IS in it’s fledgling year, but, I hope you see it as an opportunity – an opportunity to work with a polished professional who offers a fresh eye, a unique style, and a passionate heart!


Karen (aka proud owner of Staging Works Winnipeg)